Serving the Children of the World
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Joe Douglas - Executive Director of Stevenson Children's Camp
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Stevenson Children's Camp is located in Dorchester.  Joe was previously...

Bowling with the Ingersoll Special Olympics team...the Strikers!
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Group photo!

Ann Marie Deslippe became our newest member
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Welcome to our club!  She received her Kiwanis K pin from her sponsor,...

Two guest speakers...Allen Ure and Sheila Moore
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Allen Ure spoke about internet clubs and Sheila Moore spoke about 3-2-1 clubs.

Heather Rennalls - Guest speaker - "Black History in Oxford County"
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Very informative presentation by Heather Rennalls!

Why be a Kiwanian?

Kiwanians will not become wealthy because of their membership in our club. However, as Kiwanians, members will acquire:

  • a wider circle of friends
  • association with people in a variety of professions and occupations, here and elsewhere
  • opportunities to develop your interests and leadership skills including public speaking, chairing a meeting, and organizational and time management skills
  • opportunities to work with other civic-minded people for the benefit of the community
  • opportunities for regular relaxation, and enjoyable fellowship, at the meetings and events
  • an opportunity for your family to join with other Kiwanians’ families in lasting friendships
  • a feeling of satisfaction from associating with people who are as willing as you are, to make Ingersoll an even better place in which to live
  • an opportunity to put back into our community a fraction of the benefits which we receive
  • learn more about your community and community members

​Both you and Ingersoll will be much richer because you joined the Kiwanis!!