Serving the Children of the World
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  • 1921: Club receives its charter April 21 with 64 men in attendence.
  • 1922: Public Health Nurse Miss McNaughton is hired. Medical profession assisted Kiwanis by holding free medical and dental clinics.  Assisted with outdoor pool in Memorial Park (used until the Maude Wilson Memorial Pool was built in 1947).  Dues were $10.
  • 1923: Started tradition of delivering Christmas baskets to needy families.  Club is very active in town beautification projects. This involvement resulted in Horticultural Society forming in 1929.
  • 1924: Skating rinks are constructed and maintained in public schools.  Swings and slides installed in Memorial Park.  Large artificial Christmas tree is placed at King and Thames Streets.
  • 1925: Playground equipment bought for Ward School (which became Princess Elizabeth School)
  • 1927: Club canvassed town and gave money to Red Cross.
  • 1929: Beautification of Smith’s Pond first mentioned.  First Summer Camp for Underpriviledged Girls was sponsored in Port Burwell.
  • 1930: Crippled Children’s Account is replenished; a Dog Derby held and the Ingersoll Club started the first Kiwanis Music Festival in Canada. Funds donated to buy milk for children at school. The Club provided clothing for families, coal for widows and glasses for children during the Depression.
  • 1934: First Kiwanis Carnival ran for three nights in the Mason arena. It ran until 1961, raising an average of $2,000 net per year.  Organized school Vocational Guidance meetings – continued for many years.
  • 1936: First Kiwanis Good Citizenship Award went to Eleanor Cornish Wood.
  • 1939: The first 4H Club is organized with over 40 young members.
  • 1940-1950: Projects all carry on. Much work is done with Crippled Children and Kiwanians travel about 6000 miles a year transporting children to London.
  • 1947: Kiwanis begins to raise money for Easter Seals.  $3500 donated to Alexandra Hospital for x-ray equipment.
  • 1949: $1500 to Alexandra Hospital for an operating table and $800 toward artificial ice in the arena.
  • 1959: Kiwanis buy and distribute 300 Bibles to schools.  Forestry 4H Club is organized; hundreds of trees planted near Highway 19.
  • 1960: Rural Urban Night is begun.  Woodeden Camp for Crippled Children, west of Byron, has been a priority project for many years. Donations include $25,000 to build a tree house, van, riding mower, washers and dryers and a special bathing bed.
  • 1979: Exchange student program is started.
  • 1991: Recycling program is started and is so successful it is turned over to an independent recycler.
  • 1992: $60,000 for a lift at I.D.C.I
  • 1996: Kiwanis Hot Dog Day, FREE hot dogs & Pop,  started on our 75th Anniversary to thank the community for helping us.  Recent gifts have included $50,000 towards a total cost of about $250,000 for a Motion Analysis Lab; $50,000 to buy a Sensory Pressure Point Machine and $20,000 for an Audiology Machine for testing hearing loss, at Thames Valley Treatment Centre; and a specially trained riding horse for SARI.