Serving the Children of the World
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Joe Douglas - Executive Director of Stevenson Children's Camp
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Stevenson Children's Camp is located in Dorchester.  Joe was previously...

Bowling with the Ingersoll Special Olympics team...the Strikers!
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Group photo!

Ann Marie Deslippe became our newest member
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Welcome to our club!  She received her Kiwanis K pin from her sponsor,...

Two guest speakers...Allen Ure and Sheila Moore
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Allen Ure spoke about internet clubs and Sheila Moore spoke about 3-2-1 clubs.

Heather Rennalls - Guest speaker - "Black History in Oxford County"
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Very informative presentation by Heather Rennalls!

These are our current many recognize a few of their names.  They'd love to hear from you, and have a chance to tell you about our club! 

  • Eric Booth
  • Murray Borndahl
  • Jane Cole
  • Mike Coombes
  • Dave Cripps
  • Dave Cryderman
  • Anne Marie Deslippe
  • Jess Dickie
  • Seamus Evely
  • Harvey Fishleigh
  • Dick Gardham
  • John Gee
  • Ruel Green
  • George Hammond
  • Grace Harvey
  • Paul Henderson
  • Don Hillis
  • Carmen Holbrough
  • Sam Horton 
  • Bill Jellous
  • Gail Kavelman
  • Alma Martin
  • Cliff Martin
  • Kim Overton
  • Ken Pyle
  • Bernie Roberts
  • Ian Robertson
  • Randy Rosiak
  • Steve Tait
  • Gary Van Kooten 
  • Kristy Van Kooten-Bossence
  • Bill Wilson
  • Kathleen Young